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Technical Courses


bigstock swimming pool at spa 13897751The operation of swimming pool plant is the backbone of training for all those employed in leisure facilities that incorporate swimming pools.

Carlton Associates Ltd is proud to be one of the select organizations that are able to deliver the PWTAG accredited P.A.L.M. Academy SWIMMING POOL TECHNICAL OPERATORS CERTIFICATE; the first one to be accredited by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG), as meeting the syllabus requirements of the PWTAG Code of Practice, and supporting the BS-EN 15288-2 standard.

The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group includes members from statutory, voluntary and professional organizations, and is a focus for debate and improvement in operational and management standards in an area which comes under significant financial and political, as well as technical pressure.
Its work includes, monitoring and advising on important issues and developments within the industry; research; and developing standards and legislation.

Not only does the P.A.L.M. Academy SWIMMING POOL TECHNICAL OPERATORS CERTIFICATE cover all the operational and maintenance aspects of managing a swimming pool, but it includes design factors; legal responsibilities; document production and best practice advice to users. Its content is regularly updated to include to the latest advice from PWTAG.

Without a doubt, this is the most comprehensive and up to date course, (and therefore, qualification), that is available, that meets the industry’s advice and its Code of Practice.

Assessment is made through a short, multiple choice written test at the end of the course, and a post-course assignment.

Course duration:  3 days

bigstock swimming pool 4380297The P.A.L.M. ACADEMY WATER TESTING WORKSHOP is ideal for those people who are new to the industry, or are recently required to take swimming pool water tests, and is delivered by Carlton Associates Ltd.  

The Workshop covers the need for regular water testing, and the correct methods for doing so. Once the test has been carried out, what do the results mean? This Workshop will, therefore, include the parameters of the basic readings, as well as the reporting protocol to more senior staff, should any readings be unacceptable.

Assessment is made through the substantial amount of practical work that forms part of the Workshop, concentrating on the ability to demonstrate the correct method for carrying out pool water tests, and understanding their meanings.  

Certificates will be issued listing the issues covered, and so providing the necessary evidence of learning.

Course duration:  Half day.

bigstock jacuzzi bath near the swimming 17449904Carlton Associates Ltd delivers the P.A.L.M. Academy SMALL POOL OPERATORS CERTIFICATE which has been written specifically to support those people who are responsible for the operation of swimming pools in health clubs, hotels, schools, and specialist, medical facilities such as hydrotherapy pools, in hospitals and special needs schools.

The qualification is endorsed by the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers, and also meets the syllabus requirements of PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group), for its ‘On-site Designated Supervisor’ qualification, as determined by the PWTAG Code of Practice.  This is the first course to gain these accreditations.

The course covers the full operation of this type of pools, with the focus very clearly on the practical operational requirements; there is also reference to the legal obligations and document production that is required, as well.

Assessment is made through a short, multiple choice written test at the end of the course, and a post-course assignment.

Course duration:  2 days

bigstock luxury spa 7789009Carlton Associates Ltd has always supported the training of staff employed in fitness facilities that provides Spa Pools. A Spa is not a ‘small swimming pool’, and has major technical and operational differences to be considered.

The P.A.L.M. Academy SPA POOL OPEATORS CERTIFICATE has been specifically written for the operators of spa pools, and their ancillary facilities, and covers all the technical and practical operational aspects of a spa pool, as well as the legal responsibilities; design factors, and the best practice advice to be made available to users.

The content complies with the Public Health guidance (formerly Health Protection Agency) given in its publication: “Management of Spa Pools; Controlling the Risk of Infection”.

Assessment is made through a short, multiple choice written test at the end of the course, and a post-course assignment.

Course duration:  2 days

bigstock swimming pool at spa 13897751There is an obligation to maintain knowledge and practices of health and safety issues, and in the case of swimming pool plant operations Carlton Associates Ltd delivers this through the P.A.L.M. Academy INFORMATION UPDATE SEMINAR.

It is delivered at a variety of locations throughout the country as a face-to-face Seminar. However, it is also available as an on-line option, simply by clicking on ‘On Line Courses’ on this website!
The information is exactly the same as that given in a Seminar, and can be downloaded and added to your existing PPO Handbook; the PowerPoints are the same; there’s even a voice-over throughout!
It just means that you can update your knowledge, in your own time, without having to take time away from work!  Don’t worry, though, we will always provide the face-to-face seminar for those who enjoy a good chat, as well!

This SEMINAR gives the required updated information, to demonstrate that you have maintained your knowledge, and are aware of best practices. The Seminar complies with the guidance offered by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group; Health & Safety Guidance 179 and BS-EN 15288-2 and will include issues such as current water quality standards; and European standards, and also includes Energy Management.

Assessment is made through the production of satisfactory standard of information from the delegate’s workplace.

Course duration:  6 hours