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Water Testing Workshop

bigstock swimming pool 4380297The P.A.L.M. ACADEMY WATER TESTING WORKSHOP is ideal for those people who are new to the industry, or are recently required to take swimming pool water tests, and is delivered by Carlton Associates Ltd.  

The Workshop covers the need for regular water testing, and the correct methods for doing so. Once the test has been carried out, what do the results mean? This Workshop will, therefore, include the parameters of the basic readings, as well as the reporting protocol to more senior staff, should any readings be unacceptable.

Assessment is made through the substantial amount of practical work that forms part of the Workshop, concentrating on the ability to demonstrate the correct method for carrying out pool water tests, and understanding their meanings.  

Certificates will be issued listing the issues covered, and so providing the necessary evidence of learning.

Course duration:  Half day.

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