Hello and welcome to the Carlton Associates SAFETY DOCUMENTATION PAGE!

This page will be regularly updated with more model documents for you to adapt for your own safety protfolio.  Every document will be made available in both WORD format and PDF Format.  The WORD document can be completed as a "site specifc" version, but will require repagination to keep all the insertions in line.  The PDF version will show you how the final layout should appear.

Pool Technical Operating Procedure (P.T.O.P.)Code of Practice

The PWTAG Code of Practice states:

"...pool management must define in a document, its policies and procedures for the general operation of pool water treatment".

 "...the PTOP for a pool will incorporate operational considerations that provide a healthy, enjoyable, satisfying and safe experience for users".

"...the PTOP forms part of the risk assessment process for the whole pool facility, and will sit alongside the PSOP".


Carlton Associates is pleased to offer you three options for the completion of your PTOP:

Option 1

You can download and complete the the PTOP yourself, at NO COST!  The framework document is free of charge and you just need to click on the buttons below.

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Option 2

With this opotion you can complete your own document and then forward it to us for verification.  We will then ensure that its wording complies with the variouslegislative and industtry requirements.  We will also identify for you any deficiencies, or omissions with advice on how to become compliant, or for you to acknowledge a shortfall or non-compliance.

The cost of this option is £250.00 plus VAT per facility.

Option 3

We can complete the PTOP for you.  This will entail a visit to your facility; inspect and discuss with your senior management.  We will then provid eyou with an electronic copy of your PTOP for you to adopt.

The cost of this option is £550.00 plus VAT per facility.

For options 2 or 3, just contact me, Mike Shuff, M.PWTAG., at Carlton Associates Ltd. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me on 07710 206945.